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Bluecoat Display Centre has offered a platform for a diverse range of selected contemporary craft makers to showcase work since 1959. The gallery has a rich archive of exhibitions and displays that have highlighted the work of the leading makers of the day as well as supporting those who are emerging and at the start of their careers.

Celebrated potters including David Leach, Magdalena Odundo, John Ward, Michael Cardew, Emmanuel Cooper, Michael Casson, David Roberts, Gabriele Koch and Sara Flynn have shown regularly here in Liverpool. Leading sculptural ceramic artists Halima Cassell and Emma Rodgers have exhibited regularly since they established their first studios here in the North West, and pioneering jewellers including Wendy Ramshaw and Jane Adam have delighted our audiences with their incredible work for decades.

Today the Bdc continues to promote exceptional makers from the North West, across the UK, Europe and internationally, across all disciplines and working in a wide variety of media as we have for the past 60 years. Our curated displays and In the Window spotlights focus on the work of a particular maker, a theme or trend, makers employing new techniques and cutting edge technologies, or new makers. All demonstrate amazing levels of skill, a high quality of making and have a unique voice which can be informed by the material, a sense of place, culture, background or narrative.

Makers are at the heart of our history as well as the future of the Bluecoat Display Centre and we continue to be leading advocates for the continued appreciation of their wonderfully crafted work.

Exhibition Archive

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