Ann Marie Shillito

Material: Jewellery | Location: Scotland
This ring is about unity, coming together and respecting our differences because with this ring the wearer makes a statement, not only about personal choice but also about affiliations.

Mostly jewellery leaves little room for personalisation. As colour is evocative, expressive, and meaningful so we cultivate and develop our preferences. And groups use colour to signify community and relationships. The concept is for a statement ring that gives the wearer the opportunity to combine their choices of colours. The two parts making up the top of the ring are 3D printed in polymer, dyed different colours and are easily changeable, secured with a ring shank (in a choice of coloured polymer or 3D printed metal), all held in place when on the finger. The variety of ring tops is super wide. Choice and process evoke conversation. We unite through shared conversations.

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