Beatrice Mayfield

Material: Textiles | Location: London
Beatrice Mayfield specialises in hand embroidered textiles using a range of traditional embroidery techniques and processes combined with hand print. Intricate areas of stitch, embellishment or raised work provide pattern and texture and all work incorporates a high level of craftsmanship with contemporary design.

She produces a range of jewellery and accessories, including brooches, neckpieces and scarves. There is a long tradition within textiles and particularly embroidery of reappropriation. The ‘good’ part of a garment being cut down and re-used; appliqués that can be moved to another garment; changeable collars or cuffs used for ‘best’. Small pieces of decoration that lift a garment, when it is impractical or unaffordable to have the whole piece covered. Her work fits into this history, the wearer can add embellishment where and when they want through a brooch or a neckpiece.

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