Chien Yu Liu

Material: Jewellery | Location: Taiwan
Chien Yu Liu is an art jeweller who works in interdisciplinary contexts across jewellery, metalsmithing, and photography. She gained the bench skills in Melbourne Polytechnic and then carried on completing the Graduate Certificate as well as her MA degree from Birmingham City School of Jewellery in 2019.

Up to now, Chien Yu Liu’s practice has been transformed into hammering discourses. And she is also interested in working from cities to cities, being engaged in social themes.

“By virtue of the hammering techniques, I attempt to interrogate the boundary between absence and presence, heaviness and lightness. I like to manifest the metallic mediums in the various manual processes. It is, in the meanwhile, contemplative so that I am attentive to the preciousness relies on the artisanal efforts.”

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