David Binns

Material: Ceramics | Location: North Wales
Unlike previous bodies of work, my current ceramic work involves a more direct and intimate involvement with the material, and for the first time in my ceramic career, exploring both the vessel and glaze.

My work draws inspiration from a number of contrasting influences including contemporary architecture and the natural landscape. Shaped by a deep respect of the fundamental principles of Japanese aesthetics, I hope my work has boldness and visual richness, whilst simultaneously conveying feelings of simplicity and quietness.

I have participated in numerous UK and international exhibitions, workshops and symposium and my work is featured in many international collections and publications. My home and studio are in a small village in North Wales. In 2020 I retired from the University of Central Lancashire in 2020 after a career spanning 40 years teaching ceramics. I am a Member of the UNESCO International Academy of Ceramics & Fellow of the UK Craft Potters Association.

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