Deiniol Williams

Material: Ceramics | Location: West Yorkshire
Deiniol’s ceramic practice explores the dichotomy between rhythm and discord, balance and disorder. Bringing together raw and unrefined materials and incorporating them into the clay, he seeks to find the harmonious point between the rhythmic flow of the potter’s wheel and the disruptive and chaotic inclusions within the modified clay, many of which are collected from the ancestral family farm in Wales. These inclusions, which are mixed into the fabric of the clay, push Deiniol's throwing skills to the limit.

After coating the forms with wood ash based glazes, the inclusions distort and begin to pull the fabric of the work apart. Using wood from the farm, the firing transforms the clay and glaze surface further, creating a permanent record of the works evolution.

As well as making wood-fired ceramics, Deiniol also makes earthenware tiles based on original medieval designs and geometric patterns.