Helen Felcey

Material: Ceramics | Location: Cheshire
I’m a ceramics-based artist, educator and curator. My research interests blend craft, design and social wellbeing.

Since 2010, I have concentrated on making collaborative work, enjoying the connection, friendship and new creativity these meetings inspire. My work with Jacqueline Scholes draws upon a series of ceramics tiles initially developed during an artistic residency in 2018. Feeling my way through the subtleties of new clay bodies and elements, I began to explore the glazed surface for the first time. Enjoying the simplicity of glaze tests, I began to make large slabs of clay, ‘plains’ and canvases of colour. Pressing the clay into wooden frames, I enjoyed the slowness of making and subtle material qualities. These are processes and aesthetics that I can immerse myself within - from preparing clay to considering how these pieces meet with materials, places and people through my artistic journey.