Kayleigh Radcliffe

Material: Mixed Media | Location: Lancashire
I am an illustrator and designer-maker based in Preston, Lancashire. I studied Graphic Arts (Illustration) at Liverpool John Moores University and gained a BA Honours degree in 2009.

Inspired wholly by my adoration of animals, anthropomorphic animals has become a frequent theme within my work. German Expressionist silent films, the Victorian and Edwardian period, the countryside, folklore, and nightmares and dreams also have a part in inspiring my strange work.

Simply put, I don’t want to grow up! So childhood magic is captured and delightfully formed into little characters jam-packed with their own personalities. Each are created by hand from an array of materials - some new, some second hand, some vintage. You can display my characters on a Christmas tree, stand them on your desk, perch them on a mantelpiece. Just enjoy them for years to come. Their mission is to remind you to stay young at heart too!