Lee Mattocks

Material: Textiles | Location: Nottingham
Lee’s leather craft practice focuses on sustainably made leather art and accessories as an alternative to trend led and environmentally damaging fast fashion. Through promoting craftsmanship and the invention of ‘factory free’ construction techniques and pattern designs, Lee’s work meets a growing demand for responsibly made fashion. Combining historical leather craft techniques with creative pattern cutting, each piece is designed to be handmade slowly and responsibly without relying on intensive factory processes.

The current collection of leather accessories and leather art pieces are inspired by historical leather craft techniques, vintage inspired styles, and also the artist Sonia Delaunay. Intricate pattern cutting and responsibly sourced leather have been combined to make classic pieces from unique pattern designs for a contemporary twist. By using high quality hardware and responsibly sourced materials, all Lee’s leather pieces are built to last, and each piece is handmade in Nottingham.