Louisa Boyd

Material: Mixed Media | Location: Cheshire
Inspired by cartography, both celestial and terrestrial, Louisa Boyd’s printmaking considers the persistent human desire to belong within the natural world; how we find familiarity and a path based on recognisable natural elements at ground level and above us in the skies. The work suggests navigation of both the physical, material world as well as the journey we make through life as we endeavour to find our own sense of belonging. The etching prints are made in a variety of ways, with layered plates using different colours, different papers and some including both relief and intaglio methods. The varied outcomes using the same plates bring to mind different types of maps of the land, as well as sea and star charts. By layering abstract, drawn imagery made with traditional drawing tools and printmaking processes with more abstract painterly marks, the outcomes are a visual fusion of historic and contemporary ideas.