Lucy Copleston

Material: Jewellery | Location: North Wales
Lucy’s designs are inspired by the natural world, particularly landscape, trees and all things to do with the sea.

She views jewellery as a magical element, believing each piece is imbued with its own enduring energy reaching beyond this life, and as such equates with the Talismanic potency of the ancient world. The wearer may come to sense or feel the energy inherent in one of her jewels.

Design is the pivotal dictate of her work. She prefers using precious materials, though sometimes works in bronze. Collections are often created by the ‘lost wax’ casting process, then further developed by the use of various other hand techniques. Gem stones, enamel and ancient or handmade beads are incorporated to introduce colour. One-off pieces can be commissioned.

Lucy has produced and sold her jewellery since 1975. She trained at the Royal College of Art, London and graduated in 1970 with an MA.