Marged Owain

Material: Mixed Media | Location: Tyne and Wear
My work translates traditional craft values into new vernacular artefacts that explore making and narratives. The context of my creative practice focuses on richness of Welsh culture, heritage and language. I collect objects to capture information about past and present. Historical objects of the family are valuable to me, such as my grandmother’s butter making utensils, and my great grandfather's slate carvings. By referring to these objects in my making I create a personal response to their context and history. My aim is to repurpose these traditional objects that I have collected by referring to them in my designs, creating new functional pieces that can be used in modern day society.

This modern and contemporary collection has been made using traditional techniques. This collection consists of functional tableware for the kitchen, to delicate porcelain jewellery. Using materials indigenous to my culture I combine wood, slate, ceramics and glass to create one off unique pieces.

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