Martha Wiles

Material: Ceramics | Location: Greater Manchester
Martha Wiles is a ceramist and illustrator. She responds to relationships built between the community of people dedicated to reducing food waste in Manchester. To celebrate their work, Martha creates trophies and medals to engage audiences to begin positive conversations about food waste and regenerative agriculture.

The trophies are meticulously thrown, slab-built and hand sculpted out of wild clay, using sprig moulds made from food waste to add detail and curiosity to the surface. The visual narrative of the pieces draws from researching solutions to food waste - particularly regenerative agriculture and soil health. The recognition of human labour, time and care to nurture a seed into something nourishing is mimicked by the craftsmanship to elevate foraged clay into an object of value. The pieces are finished with an ash glaze made from food waste, as well as gold lustre. Medals are made from the same processes of press moulds, ash glaze and lustre to create smaller wearable pieces.

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