Matthew Paré

Material: Woodwork | Location: East Sussex
Matthew Paré is the founder of Petrel Furniture.

“I make furniture with uncompromising quality and refined craftsmanship, with particular focus on hand and tool. I am interested in the interplay between function and form. My work is intended to sit in harmony within a room, adding to the overall feel, and yet having a depth of detail that fascinates and gives pleasure as it is used.

I work exclusively with British timbers. I hand select wood, often knowing the location of each tree used. I am fascinated by the idea that a piece of furniture in your home can reflect the material of the landscape around you.

I find collaboration exciting and throughout my practice I have developed relationships with makers across disciplines to produce limited edition pieces. I find creative partnerships greatly motivating; they challenge the design process and inform our established practices. Collaborations include work with potter Chris Keenan, weaver Emily Mackey and metal artist Rebecca Gouldson.”