Sarah Wygas

Material: Ceramics | Location: London
I produce functional thrown work that is made to be used. The design has evolved, removing complexity to give an overall clean and simple form. The intention is to encourage people to use handmade items, which give pleasure not only in how they look, but more importantly how they feel.

The glazes applied have a subtle palette with a variation in depth of colour accentuating the throwing lines. The muted hues enhance the overall shape of the work and allow the handles and openings to stand out against the form.

Having been surrounded by basketry and ironwork throughout my life these practical crafts have influenced my approach to domestic vessels. The fluidity and strength of leatherwork, particularly straps and handles as an added medium, are of particular personal interest.

In 2018 my work was displayed at the New Designers exhibition where it was selected as Highly Recommended by Denby.