Featured Maker – Kath Grimes

Published 03/11/23

Featured Artist Member, November 2023

Our featured Artist Member for November 2023 is Merseyside jeweller Kath Grimes. Kath is an individually craftsman-trained jewellery designer producing bespoke and commissioned items. Her work is heavily influenced by the natural world and organic form. The main body of Kath’s handmade silver jewellery focuses on the cool elegance of hand beaten and crafted silver, fused with semi-precious stones and carefully chosen pearls.

What inspires your work?

Having been a florist for many years prior to becoming a metal smith/jeweller I believe I still draw heavily from the natural world but also I see much of my work as process driven. Generally much of what I make takes a simple technique and then repeats over and over again. Because I intentionally avoid high tech solutions preferring to rely on simple hand tools and human endeavour each piece displays subtle differences, just like nature, unique.

Describe your workspace.

Over the years my studio/workspace has moved about but currently occupies a tiny space in my back porch at home sitting alongside my partners brewing equipment, a busy space!!!!

What is your favourite piece or design you have made?

One of my favourite designs is this necklace made from fine silver elements strung on a sterling silver chain. It has a lovely weight to it that moves with you and a real tactile quality.

Who has influenced & inspired you?

Heavens I could write a really long list!! So here’s a few: Hubert Duprat’s in general but he came to my attention with his work with caddisfly larvae and their bejewelled cocoons, just beautiful. Jacqueline Mina, I’ve yet to see something by this lady I don’t like, wonderful. Jessica Briggs is another favourite, her use of texture and colour inspiring. I could go on and on.

Kath’s jewellery is available to purchase in the gallery and via our online shop.