PSS Workshops 2014/15: John Ayling

Wirework Sculptures at The Avenue, Belle Vale

Tuesday 3 February & Tuesday 10 February 2015


Local artist, John Ayling, hosted a wirework sculpture workshop at The Avenue in Belle Vale. Participants made wire figures based on the work of Swiss artist Alberto Giacometti. These figures were then covered in layers of newspaper and glue to form a fuller figure. The sculptures were then glazed with a glue, meaning participants were able to see their own sculpture take shape.

“I’ve not looked up while I’ve been making the figure.”

– Participant

“This is something I would never have done.”

– Participant

“I couldn’t believe what people had produced when I came in today. The works look great and the feedback from the group has been excellent, they have enjoyed it so much. A lady from the group came in today and says she’s been trying it at home.”

– Mental Health Project Worker, The Avenue

“It was great to be able to show the group simple processes, which they were then able to apply so quickly to realise their own ideas. I enjoyed witnessing alternating periods of happy chatter and silences as the group really immersed in the making process.”

– John Ayling

The Avenue, Belle Vale, is one of several PSS Wellbeing Centres in South Liverpool and Liverpool City Centre. It provides recovery-focused mental health support to people experiencing the challenges of living with anxiety, depression and other forms of emotional distress.

PSS believe that everyone is creative and that creativity can play a powerful role in a person’s mental health and wellbeing; individuals are invited to attend craft courses to learn new techniques, strategies and skills with support from others.