Attila Olah – In the Window, September 2021

September 2021

Part of Celebrating Craft


Attila Olah’s ceramic work explores the power of the vessel: over thousands of years, through association with birth, nourishment, ritual, celebration and death, the vessel has become deeply rooted in the human psyche.

Attila explores the vessel as the archetypal symbol of the body through which the Self and that which is beyond the Self can be realised.

“My practice revolves round the vessel and the rich symbolism surrounding it. I am drawn to simplicity.”

– Attila Olah

A group of Attila’s work is currently on display in ‘Past Present Future’ at the Walker Art Gallery, as part of ‘A Year of Craft’ celebrating the Craft Councils 50th Anniversary.

Images: Sandstone Bowl (Above), Sandstone Vase (Below, Left) & Sandstone Round Vase (Below, Right)