Christy Keeney & Emma Rodgers – Spotlight Display

18 – 28 October 2023


We are delighted to be showing this spotlight exhibition of work by Irish ceramicist Christy Keeney and Merseyside sculptor Emma Rodgers.

Christy’s figurative ceramics are an investigation into the human condition, and his forms are stretched to the point where sculpture and drawing overlap. His sculpted slab built heads and figures demonstrate a wonderful sense of draughtsmanship, as details are drawn into the wet clay surface.

“I visited a retrospective exhibition of Picasso, at the Tate gallery, in the early 80s when I was at college, and many of my influences came from seeing that work. Especially a collection of small cardboard cut-out and folded, figurative sculptures. These simple two-dimensional pieces opened a world of possibilities on how I would approach my own work.” – Christy Keeney

Images: Head by Christy Keeney (Above) & The Hunt by Emma Rodgers (Below)

Emma Rodgers will show a selection of ceramic sculptures, some of which will respond to Christy’s work; both artists will explore their shared inspiration of form and drawing.

“Confrontation, energy, curiosity, essence of a moment and interaction are the main elements that initially draw me to a new subject and are indicative of the very nature of the animals I have depicted.

When approaching a new body of work I produce a large amount of visual research. Sketching is particularly important as it provides me with a greater understanding of the form. I aim to interpret these drawn qualities into clay and remove the work from pure representation. A jagged line in ink is re-interpreted as a torn clay edge; an arc of soft pencil becomes a soft fold. The energy of the animal and the tautness of the pose are conveyed by a distortion in the medium.” – Emma Rodgers

Christy and Emma’s work will be on display in the gallery between 18 – 28 October, to coincide with the 2023 Liverpool Irish Festival.

A selection of pieces will be available through our online shop.

Images: Prowling Monkey by Emma Rodgers (Below, Left) & Seated Figure by Christy Keeney (Below, Right)