Helaina Sharpley – In the Window, May 2022

May 2022


Helaina Sharpley is a designer-maker, based at The West Yorkshire Print Workshop, creating 2D and 3D wirework. Inspiration comes from a love of tea and tea drinking, and many other areas including Victorian architecture and ephemera, grandfather clocks and cutlery.

“Using old sepia photographs, I first create pen and ink drawings, capturing the aspects of elegance. These detailed line drawings are then translated into delicate and intricate wirework pieces, which cross the boundaries between drawing and sculpture. I twist, shape, manipulate and join the wire using only my hands and pliers. The simplicity of the black iron wire drawings on the calico backing board, creates subtle shadows and delicate movement.” – Helaina Sharpley

A selection of Helaina’s work is available to purchase through our online shop.