To start the new year we are delighted to have a display of Helen Beard’s Dailyware range ‘In the Window‘ on College Lane.

Helen Beard creates her bespoke designs in her London studio. Dailyware is a range of handmade English bone-china designed for everyday use. The pieces are slip-cast in English bone china from moulds of Helen’s wheel-thrown forms. They are fired, glazed and glaze-fired before being decorated with special lithographically printed ceramic decals of Helen’s hand-painted illustrations. A third and final firing melts the artwork into the glaze so that it is tough enough for dishwashers, microwaves and everyday use.

The high quality of the finished pieces ensures they are ready to withstand daily use, microwaves and dishwashers.

Each piece comes individually packaged in its own presentation box.

Made exclusively in England.

We have a selection of Helen’s work available to purchase through our online shop.