Jessica Briggs & Nawal Gebreel – In the Window, December 2023

December 2023

Artist Member Selection 2023


We are delighted to announce jeweller Jessica Briggs and textile designer Nawal Gebreel have been selected for our 2023 ‘In the Window’ Artist Member display. Both makers work will be on display throughout December.

We are hosting a meet the makers event with both Jessica and Nawal here on Saturday 2nd December from 2-4pm. This is an opportunity to meet and chat to Jessica & Nawal, about their works and inspiration. You can also try on both Jessica’s jewellery and Nawal’s scarves to see how they might be worn. These versatile pieces are ideal gifts for Christmas or to treat yourself. Entry is free.

Nawal will also be running a Scarf Making Workshop here on Sunday 3rd December from 11am – 4.30pm. Tickets are now available, you can book a place in the gallery or call us on 0151 709 4014. Places are limited.

A selection of pieces by Jessica and Nawal will be available to purchase via our online shop.

Jessica Briggs’ most recent collection has its origins in the beautiful, small paper boxes her son made at after-school club, many years ago. She was drawn to the ridges and pimples created by the folding and opening of the paper and inevitably, eventually, wanted to capture these, in silver. Pieces are shaped and formed before lustrous pure gold foil is fused to the silver surface. A graphite-like finish is given to many items by hand painting an oxide onto selected areas of the design. Having honed her metal-working skills for the last 27 years, Jessica still draws hugely from her previous career as a surface print designer and her first degree in Printed and Woven Textile Design. It is her love of both pattern and texture which shines through her work and sets it apart from other contemporary jewellers.

The latest collection from accessories designer Nawal Gebreel presents a series of opulent origami shapes, sultry swirls, metamorphosed silks and of course the label’s signature – of perfect pleats in abundance. Elaborate scarves dominate this collection and range from day to evening – simple to the more avant-garde. Using a rich colour palette and only the most sumptuous textiles, each design has its own versatility and can be worn as both a casual or a more elegant evening look. Each item is handmade, stitched and fused with a variety of fabrics to retain each pleat even after wear or wash. The abundance of technique is extraordinary as is the depth of craftsmanship. Nawal’s ability to work fabrics into art into fashion makes each item personal and unique.