Keeley Traae – In the Window, January 2023

January 2023


Our programme of In the Window spotlight exhibitions for 2023 will start off with Keeley Traae‘s bright and joyful 3D printed vases.

Keeley is a new maker, designer, and university lecturer based in Staffordshire.

She creates her unique collections using digital design technology. Each design begins with a pencil sketch followed by a digitally crafted 3D file which is then printed in her studio. Keeley is enjoying developing her own aesthetic, inspired by her love for mid-century design blended with classic silhouettes and geometry found in nature. Forms are ribbed, faceted, waffled and fluted, and have tactile surface finishes.

With sustainability in mind, Keeley uses commercially compostable printing materials such as wood filled PLA which is derived from 100% renewable resources. These materials are made from corn starch and sugar cane and have their own unique qualities while the striations and marks created by the printer make each piece individual. Keeley enjoys exploring new colour combinations within her collections and the freedom to blend joyful brights with muted pastels.

A selection of Keeley’s vessels will be available to purchase from our online shop.