6 May – 2 July 2022


Murmuration – a word that perfectly describes the rustle of thousands of pairs of wings” (Cambridge Dictionary).

During the last couple of years, many of us have found a new enjoyment and meaning in our local nature and wildlife.  This display brings together makers who celebrate the natural world – and in particular birds – through craft.

Ceramics by Liz Ellis, Guy Holder, Alison Milner & Susan O’Byrne

Textiles by Lorna Doyle & Michelle Holmes

Wood & Mixed Media by Amanda Brooks, Jennifer Collier, Stephanie Davies (Ember Edge Creative), Tom Hill, Aimee Mac, Mikael Nilsson & Elizabeth Willow

Jewellery by Hannah Louise Lamb, Helen Shere, Melanie Tomlinson & Emma Ware

A selected group of work is available to purchase through our online shop.

Jewellery by Helen Shere (Above), mixed media and wood by Tom Hill (Below, left) & Mikael Nilsson (Below, right)
Mixed media by Elizabeth Willow
Textiles by Lorna Doyle
Jewellery by Hannah Louise Lamb (Left) & textiles by Michelle Holmes (Right)
Ceramics by Liz Ellis
Ceramics by Guy Holder (Left) & jewellery by Emma Ware (Right)
Ceramics by Susan O’Byrne
Mixed media by Ember Edge Creative (Left) & Amanda Brooks (Right)
Mixed media by Jennifer Collier
Mixed media by Aimee Mac (Left) & ceramics by Alison Milner (Right)
Jewellery by Melanie Tomlinson