‘With Affection & Appreciation’ Bowl by Deborah Hopson-Wolpe

Reference: PUB06

Dimensions: (Diameter) 21.5 x (H) 5.7 cm

This piece has sold.


This beautiful bowl has been finely hand thrown using stoneware clay and decorated with stamped lettering.

Deborah has always been fascinated by letters and lettering from when she was young. Her father, Berthold Wolpe, was a typographer and Faber & Faber’s chief designer for almost 40 years, and taught her lettering techniques and design. The typefaces Deborah uses on her stamped bowls are Albertus and Hyperion, both designed by her father.

To bid on this piece, please contact us via email at crafts@bluecoatdisplaycentre.com, or phone on 0151 709 4014, and quote the maker’s name and reference number with your offer.

“I have always been a maker, and have drawn all my life. I aim to make functional ceramic objects that handle well and feel strong and economical in use. I combine potting with printmaking and am currently working on a series of landscapes and interiors as etchings and lithographs.

Drawing and lettering form an important part of my work. I use letters as decoration on bowls and jugs (especially for commissioned pieces), as well as paper cuts for printed graphics. I also make individual hand built and thrown objects of many kinds using stoneware, porcelain and high-fired earthenware.

Since 1975 I have lived and worked in Olney where I make bowls and jugs decorated with words using Albertus, Berthold Wolpe’s typeface, or freely cut letters of my own.” – Deborah Hopson-Wolpe