Carved Vessel by Lanty Ball

Reference: PUB14

Reserve price: £300

Dimensions: (Diameter) 11.5 x (H) 16.5 cm


This porcelain vessel was originally displayed in the first edition of the ‘Carter Preston Prize’ exhibition at the Bluecoat Display Centre, between 9 July – 20 August 2016. Lanty was one of six early career ceramic artists to be shortlisted and exhibited, he then subsequently won the prize, held in memory of the potter Julia Carter-Preston.

His winning work was a series of individually handmade bowls and vases made from parian, a type of porcelain developed in the 19th century to imitate marble. The works feature a fractured texture that references the fragmented patterns found in eroded geological formations.

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“My core practice consists in designing and making ceramics by hand. I take a minimal approach to form, favouring simple thrown or slip cast vessels that act as canvases for my surface designs. I take my inspiration from natural surfaces, textures and patterns.

I have specialised in working with porcelain, creating both glazed and unglazed pieces. I am particularly interested in exploring the contrast between the textured and smooth surfaces. After firing, this contrast is accentuated by grinding and polishing the vitrified clay.” – Lanty Ball