Rosina Beech & Christine Toh – In the Window, February 2022

February 2022


For February 2022 we are delighted to show a joint ‘In the Window’ exhibition with jeweller Rosina Beech and mixed media and textile artist Christine Toh.

Rosina Beech finds beauty and colour in unusual functional industrial materials and components. She transforms the materials by taking them away from their functional context and adapting them (using her own innovative techniques and processes) to create a new aesthetic function and purpose, unique collections of contemporary jewellery.

100% designed and handmade by Rosina, her pieces are individual, modern, yet timeless, in a palette of complementing colours to suit all.

Rosina’s jewellery is made from satin powder coated architectural aluminium and brass, with sterling silver. Powder coating creates an extremely hardwearing, durable and long lasting finish to the piece, and it is also an environmentally friendly process!

Christine is a multi disciplinary artist using paper and fabric. Her studio practice is located in the Baltic area of Liverpool.

She works with a range of materials and processes with a playful and instinctive approach: printing, painting, drawing, cutting, assemblage… Through the use of colours, found objects and text the themes of transformation, repair, fragmentation, time and memory are explored.

Christine usually works in immersing herself in a playful and experimental creative process, intuitively building a tension between what is controlled and what is accidental.

She has also created a new body of work during the lockdown period cutting and weaving old pieces of work. Reusing old pieces of work made perfect sense as recycling, reusing is part of her way of working. Old work has been transformed, reinvented, reconstructed into new artworks generating new ideas and hope for the future.