Winter Exhibition 2022

5 November 2022 – 7 January 2023


This winter the Bdc continue our tradition of selecting high quality, beautifully made and unique pieces which can be gifted to be admired and used for years to come.

This year’s display brings together whimsical automata, wearable textiles, statement jewellery, striking and functional ceramics, and much more. They are made by studio based makers from across the UK, who employ traditional techniques, often using sustainable materials and practices.

Makers include:

Textiles by Neil Bottle, Majeda Clarke, Kate Jones, Abeer Kayani, Lee Mattocks, Risdon & Risdon & Margo Selby

Jewellery by Paul Finch, Jennie Gill, Catherine Hills, Michelle Holmes, Naomi James, Anne Morgan & Annabet Wyndham

Ceramics by Lisa Ellul, Nicola Gillis, Björk Haraldsdóttir, Jin Eui Kim & Anna Silverton

Automata by Martin Smith

Prints and mixed media by Louisa Boyd, Tara Dean, Alison Stockmarr & Ruth Thomas

Glass by Verity Pulford

Wood by Matthew Paré & Ash & Plumb

A curated selection of work will be available through our online shop.

Join the team and exhibiting makers for the exhibition opening on Saturday 5 November between 2pm – 4pm and Friends of the Bdc will receive a 10% discount on any purchase.

Automata by Martin Smith (above) & ceramics by Jin Eui Kim (below)
Prints by Tara Dean (left) & Ruth Thomas (right)
Glass by Verity Pulford
Leather bags by Lee Mattocks (left) & ceramics by Nicola Gillis (right)
Jewellery by Jennie Gill (left) & Naomi James (right)
Wood by Ash & Plumb
Jewellery by Anne Morgan (left) & Paul Finch (right)
Textiles by Risdon & Risdon
Wood by Matthew Paré (left) & textiles by Kate Jones (right)
Ceramics by Lisa Ellul
Jewellery by Annabet Wyndham (left) & Michelle Holmes (right)
Mixed media by Alison Stockmarr (left) & textiles by Margo Selby (right)
Textiles by Neil Bottle
Jewellery by Catherine Hills
Textiles by Majeda Clarke (left) & ceramics by Björk Haraldsdóttir (right)
Prints by Louisa Boyd


Textiles by Abeer Kayani