Winter Exhibition 2023

Extended to end of January 2024


For this Winter’s curated display we continue our tradition of selecting high quality, beautifully made and unique pieces which can be gifted to be used and loved for years to come. This show encourages an investment in meaningful pieces that will last, in which skillful making and craftsmanship are essential elements.

With this in mind we have curated a range of contemporary jewellery, functional ceramics and tableware, basketry and wood to be used in the home, beautiful wearable textiles and hangings. All made by studio based makers from across the UK, who employ traditional techniques, often using sustainable materials and practices.

Makers include:

Textiles by Eve Campbell, Kate Jones, Mr.PS, Kate OwensRubyKite

Jewellery by Hannah Bedford, Rachel Darbourne, Gail Klevan, Ann Little, Lindsey Mann, Rentaro Nishimura, Sarah Packington, Kaz Robertson, Charlotte Verity, Jenifer Wall, DeeLyn Walsh & Annabet Wyndham

Ceramics by Simon Dredge, Lesley Farrell, Vicky Hageman, Katharina Klug, Midori Takaki, & Mizuyo Yamashita

Basketry by Helen Munday

Mixed media by Rosa Harradine, Lisa Kronenburg, & Keeley Traae

Glass by Colin and Louise Hawkins of Loco Glass

Wood by Sean Best and Ellie Smalls of Selwyn House

Metalwork by David Mayne

A curated selection of work will be available through our online shop.

Join us for the exhibition opening event with some of the selected makers on Thursday 2nd November 2023 between 5:30pm – 7pm.  Refreshments will be provided. Friends of the Bdc will receive a 10% discount on all purchases from the gallery during the event.

Above: Creeping Velvet (Pollokshields late summer overlap) and Creeping Velvet (Pollokshields late summer drape) by Kate Owens. Photography by Katherine Anne Rose with thanks to Studio Pavilion, Glasgow (2023).
Below: Ceramics by Katharina Klug
Knitwear by Kate Jones (Left) & jewellery by Sarah Packington (Right)
Ceramics by Vicky Hageman (Left) & Lesley Farrell (Right)
Mixed media by Kelley Traae (Left) & jewellery by Kaz Robertson (Right)
Textiles & jewellery by Gail Klevan
Jewellery by Annabet Wyndham (Left) & Rachel Darbourne (Right)
Mixed Media by Rosa Harradine (Left) & Helen Munday (Right)
Ceramics by Mizuyo Yamashita
Jewellery by Hannah Bedford (Left) & Jenifer Wall (Right)
Jewellery by Charlotte Verity (Left) & Glass by Loco Glass (Right)
Basketry by Nadine Anderson (Left) & Wood by Selwyn House (Right)
Ceramics by Midori Takaki
Jewellery by Ann Little (Left) & Textiles by Eve Campbell (Right)
Metalwork by David Mayne (Left) & Jewellery by Rentaro Nishimura (Right)
Paintings by Lisa Kronenburg (Left) & Jewellery by Lindsey Mann (Right)