Winter Exhibition – Angie Lewin

15 November 2021 – 8 January 2022


For our winter 2021 display, we are delighted to present Angie Lewin who will be exhibiting a range of framed and unframed prints.

We have selected a group of makers to show alongside Angie’s prints who are working in a variety of disciplines, including functional and decorative ceramics, jewellery and textiles.

Makers include:

Textiles by Hana BroughKate Jones & RubyKite

Jewellery by Jane Adam, Annie Barnett, Hannah BedfordHolly Belsher, Jessica BriggsStuart Cairns, Beatrice MayfieldKate Moult, Adele Taylor & Melissa Yarlett

Ceramics by Clive FiddisJuliet Macleod, Irena Sibrijns, Ali Tomlin & Sarah Wygas

A curated selection of work is available through our online shop.

Prints by Angie Lewin (above) & jewellery by Hannah Bedford (below)
Jewellery by Jessica Briggs
Textiles by Hana Brough (left) & Kate Jones (right)
Brooches by Beatrice Mayfield
Ceramics by Irena Sibrijns (left) & textiles by RubyKite (right)
Jewellery by Stuart Cairns (left) & ceramics by Ali Tomlin (right)
Jewellery by Jane Adam
Ceramics by Clive Fiddis
Jewellery by Holly Belsher (left) & Melissa Yarlett (right)
Jewellery by Adele Taylor
Jewellery by Annie Barnett (left) & ceramics by Sarah Wygas (right)
Ceramics by Juliet Macleod