Celebrating Craft: LightNight 2021

21 May 2021, 5 – 8pm

Especially for LightNight 2021, Bluecoat Display Centre have recorded conversations with 3 featured local makers from their studios: Attila Olah, Jacob Chan and Emma Rodgers.

This event is part of Celebrating Craft: series of curated displays highlighting the diverse, emerging and established makers working in studios across the North West towards Year of Craft, which celebrates the Crafts Council’s 50 year anniversary.

Throughout 2021, Bdc will present new displays including ceramics by Attila Olah, Emma Rodgers and Jacob Chan, glass by Verity Pulford, mixed media by Michael Brennand-Wood, metalwork by Ruth Ball and wood by Hugh Miller. Many of these maker’s work will also be shown in new displays in the Craft and Design Gallery at the Walker Art Gallery and the Williamson Art Gallery & Museum throughout 2021.

The recorded interviews will be available to watch online from 5pm on Friday 21 May.

A curated selection of works by Attila, Jacob and Emma will be on display at the Bdc, which will be open until 8pm.

Image (Above): Jacob Chan ‘In the Window’ at the Bluecoat Display Centre (2020)


Attila Olah

Attila Olah is a local ceramicist whose work explores the power of the vessel: over thousands of years, through association with birth, nourishment, ritual, celebration and death, the vessel has become deeply rooted in the human psyche. He runs Altar Pottery, a progressive ceramics studio based in John Archer Hall, Toxteth.

Watch Attila’s short film, ‘Ice Motion’, here.

Images: Ceramic bowl, ‘The Seventh’, by Attila Olah (Left) & Attila at work in his studio (Right).


Jacob Chan

Jacob Chan is a local emerging ceramicist. His work is heavily based around his cultural background and heritage. Being half Chinese and half English his ceramics take inspiration from traditional Chinese shapes and forms, whilst the surfaces are heavily decorated in slips and oxides that contain other raw materials such as sand, slate and broken pottery collected from around the coastlines and mountain ranges of Britain.

Jacob was a finalist in the 2019 series of the Great Pottery Throw-down on Channel 4.

Images: ‘Foo Dog’ (Left) & ‘Dragon Ginger Jar’ (Right) by Jacob Chan.


Emma Rodgers

Emma Rodgers is a local ceramic artist who creates sculptural works which explore “confrontation, energy, curiosity [and the] essence of a moment” and are indicative of the very nature of the animals she depicts.

Recently Emma has started to experiment with bronze, as she feels clay can not sustain the demands of some of her ideas in terms of strength and durability.

Image: Part of the ‘Helen of Troy’ series by Emma Rodgers on display at the Bdc (Photography by Pam Seale).