The Bluecoat Display Centre are delighted to facilitate a broad range of commissions: from creating the perfect living space in your home through to commercial projects with architects and designers. Our exhibition programme has led us to work with clients on developing individual collections and assisting national museums in finding pieces for public collections.

The highly individual nature of the work sold at the bdc means that our craftspeople can create the perfect item to the client’s requirements, whether it’s a unique engagement ring, a bespoke bookcase for that difficult space at home, or a dramatic forged metal railing for a new public square.

Our experienced staff have a wealth of knowledge on local and national makers, and are able to offer help and advice to source the correct style of work and then to guide the client through the commissioning process in consultation with the maker.

Commissioned items can be tailored to meet your budget or schedule for no additional charge.

Contact us to arrange a consultation.

Image: ‘An Absence of Noise’ Dining Table by Hugh Miller.