Adele Taylor

Material: Jewellery | Location: South Yorkshire
Adele Taylor designs and makes silver and gold jewellery and small scale objects, including kaleidoscopes, daisy pots, bubble blowers and perfume bottles.

She often decorates the surfaces using textures and patterns derived from found objects and uses the different colours of metals to emphasise the strong patterns in her work.

“I have made collections of images and objects over time, shapes and patterns, things I like, the stripes of a fence, parts of my children’s drawings, pattern made from colours, light and dark, objects found in the street. When I considered these hoarded images and objects I saw a connection through me, my life, things I came into contact with, patterns I like aesthetically. After all these years of hoarding these objects I am happy, at last, to be able to make some sense of them, by making a piece of jewellery which is apparently just patterns and shapes that go together.”

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