Aimee Mac

Material: Mixed Media | Location: Cheshire
Aimee Mac is a multi-talented illustrator and creative based in Cheshire. Her expressive inky illustrations take inspiration from nature, flora and all things wild.

Vibrant block colours are layered over her energetic designs to produce a range of contemporary print, textiles and stationery. In addition, Aimee also creates short runs of handmade jewellery and decorative objects drawing inspiration from the seasons as they change.

Aimee’s collages were born from a desire to reduce waste in her studio. Paper is a delicate medium and drawings are easily damaged or dog-eared - these hand cut collages give new life to imperfect prints.

‘I generally describe my work as ‘sunshine-y’ I love colour and chaos - I’ve never been one for pastels. I draw with a traditional dip pen because I love the unpredictable combination of ink and metal nib. It’s often the accidental ink splashes and scratches that really make an illustration special.’

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