Ann Little

Material: Jewellery | Location: Scotland
Ann Little has been creating contemporary silver and enamel jewellery for over 25 years. She has exhibited Nationally and Internationally and has work in the Public Collections of the National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh and the Aberdeen Art Gallery and Museum. She works from her workshop in the heart of Scotland using hand tools and a small enameling kiln. Ann is not a traditional enameller but is drawn to the process and colours of enamel and works intuitively. Powdered enamel is sifted onto silver then fired in the kiln and once enough layers have been built up the glossy surface is removed using a carborundum stone. Recent work is geometric and colourful and very wearable. Some necklaces have a different colourway on the back making them double-sided. Due to the nature of enameling and working by hand no items are identical.