Anne Knight

Material: Mixed Media | Location: Merseyside
My work explores shape, form, colour and expressive mark making, inspired by architecture and mid-century textile design. I experiment extensively with colourful surfaces in both textiles and ceramics, often transferring design ideas from one medium to another. Drawing upon my visual influences from everyday life, I intuitively develop playful surfaces - a personal visual language which ranges from simple line illustration to bold abstract patterns. As an emerging artist, I continue to strive to build on my knowledge and making skills in both ceramic and textile design, enjoying the processes and seeing my work evolve and develop.

The collection I have created includes interior products and artworks. The lampshades explore digital and hand printed designs; the ceramic vessels work with slab building techniques and underglaze painting, working with the clay surface as a canvas. Overall, I intend to offer vibrant, uplifting objects and surfaces that would create distinction, warmth and ambience in people’s homes.

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