Annie Barnett

Material: Jewellery | Location: South Yorkshire
Annie Barnett is based in Sheffield where she designs and makes her jewellery in a purpose-built garden workshop.
Working in various metals including brass, copper, pewter and silver, all connected to Sheffield's industrial past: never are two pieces of jewellery ever the same.

Annie uses various techniques, mixing the metals with layering and combinations. She uses a press to texture the metals, as well as hand hammered punches to create various designs. Heat treatment gives the copper various hues, and a layer of wax and clear varnish finishes off each piece.

All the fittings are Sterling silver and all decorative wires are silver, copper and plated copper. The range of jewellery includes drop earrings, studs and pendants. Semi-precious stones and cultured pearls are also used in some of the designs.