Attila Olah

Material: Ceramics | Location: Merseyside
Attila Olah’s work explores the power of the vessel: over thousands of years, through association with birth, nourishment, ritual, celebration and death, the vessel has become deeply rooted in the human psyche. Attila explores the vessel as the archetypal symbol of the body through which the Self and that which is beyond the Self can be realised.

Attila has worked with Glacial Art to produce ice sculptures for global TV phenomenon Game of Thrones. After applying for a summer placement with world-renowned ceramicist Claudi Casanovas, he was also offered a year-long apprenticeship opportunity with Casanovas in Catalonia. Attila then applied what he had learned about the mediums of both ice and ceramics to inform his work, which includes ceramic bowls suspended in ice.

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