Barry Stedman

Material: Ceramics | Location: Bedfordshire
My intention as a ceramic artist is to make colourful, dynamic forms that come out of a deep connection to the landscape. Often my work is rooted in the directness and urgency of drawing outside; responding to the weather, drama, and life which surrounds my garden studio. Starting on the wheel or constructed with slabs, the red earthenware vessels are marked and altered, scored and handled, before being painted with layers of coloured slips and oxides, washes of vivid colour enhanced with a bright rich clear glaze. The vessels are offered to the kiln in an open dialogue of transformation; fired to 1100 degees and infused with the marks, rhythm and energy of their making.

I was seduced by the possibilities of clay to express abstract ideas of colour and form. I completed a Ceramics degree at the University of Westminster, Harrow in 2009 where I received the Caparo Award. My work has been featured across the UK and internationally.