Charlie MacPherson

Material: Glass | Location: Dorset
Charlie MacPherson is a leading UK glass artist who creates unique pieces of hand-blown contemporary glass.

Charlie enjoys the challenge of making glass that uses the natural qualities of light, colour and transparency, creating pieces that are both stimulating and aesthetic. His approach balances the beautiful simplicity of shapes with more complex geometric patterns and lines which gives his glass art the patina of intrigue. The two polar opposites counterbalance each other perfectly to deliver harmonious glass artistry. He incorporates cane techniques in the blowing process, which are enhanced by polishing to highlight areas of interest.

"I enjoy designing work that invites the viewer to look more closely at the intricate details, seeing more than at first glance." - Charlie MacPherson

Charlie runs Notarianni Glass studio in Dorset with partner, and internationally acclaimed glassmaker, Amanda Notarianni.