Chung Tyson

Material: Woodwork | Location: Greater Manchester
Ming Chung and Nick Tyson are architect-makers and lecturers of Architecture. They work from a converted Coach House workshop and self-built studio in Manchester. With a simple of ethos of ‘more with less’ they aim to bring an awareness of material provenance and longevity to their projects.

Making is a primary activity to explore design in relation to user experience and to balance the hand-made with small-scale manufacture. Placing materials at the centre of the design process allows a re-calibrating of the supply chain to find design solutions that have less impact on resources and the environment.

Materials used for our products and furniture are often re-appropriated from architectural projects and where possible procured from locally managed and renewable resources. The apparent simplicity of our products aim to reveal the making process, through careful consideration of detail and assembly, elevating everyday objects into something useful and timeless.

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