Diane Komater

Material: Mixed Media | Location: USA
As a child, I remember the long Latin masses my family attended every Sunday. The stained-glass windows of the churches were what intrigued me the most about these ceremonies. I loved the way the light lit up the primary colours of the glass and the black line that defined the images. I started drawing these “holy” images using pencil and ink.

Soon I discovered wire and marbles. I could now hold the black line in my hands and form small sculptures with bright colours, using black annealed steel wire and glass beads.

A few years later, my focus went back to the human form. I now make larger-than-life figures. Mostly nudes, I define the features with an economy of line. Faces and hands are sometimes surprisingly life-like, while genitals and limbs are suggested by a scribble of wire and a marble, or the arc of a kneecap with a swirl.