Elaine Jones

Material: Ceramics | Location: Tyne and Wear
As a coastal dweller, my work is inspired by the fragments of shell and bone, washed up on the tideline. At times, within the hollow of each form, lies a pool of sea-glass, reminiscent of the pools of aquamarine left by the ebbing tide.

I use the organic process of the wheel as it captures the porcelain in its fluid, moving state; with its rhythms of cyclical growth, it is very close to the way Nature makes a form, in a semi-liquid state, exerting pressure from the inside and then solidifying with time.

I often combine my pieces with objects found on the beach, such as glass and driftwood, as these too have their stories of transience; they act as a rough plinth to the times that we have held in our pocket, a found shell or bone, treasuring it just for those few moments.