Erum Aamir

Material: Ceramics | Location: Greater Manchester
Formerly a physicist, now a ceramicist, Erum Aamir creates intricate porcelain sculptures inspired by the botanical world.

She is intrigued by details and chooses to explore through the eye of a microscope. Under a microscope, nature reveals its wonders differently to an artist than to a scientist. An artist cannot help but see more than what meets the eye. She sees the unknown, a paradise, a celestial world that is only visible to her. Sometimes the compositions found in her imaginative interpretations bypass what is found in nature. This blurred line between ‘reality’ and ‘created reality’ is manifested in her practice. Throughout her work, there’s a recurrence of elements which mimics the process of growth by repetition. This repetitive nature of bringing together many components creates a rhythm and facilitates an active trance of intention.