Gethin Ceidiog Hughes

Material: Textiles | Location: North Wales
Gethin Ceidiog established Wilding with the aim of creating legacy pieces which are also works of art. Our commitment is to champion the highest quality, sustainable manufacturing and finishing processes to produce the best scarves available on the market.

Our scarves are lovingly woven on traditional shuttle looms using a double plain technique, giving them a truly unique and distinctive look. We pride ourselves on sourcing the finest silks from Japan. All our weaving is done in the heart of the UK textile industry in West Yorkshire by master craftsmen.

Each scarf is individually washed and finished by hand with great care and attention using an organic soap to bring the very best out of the luxurious material. This ensures we deliver a scarf of exceptional quality using traditional methods whilst evoking a striking and contemporary design.

A Wilding scarf is not produced for a season but rather a lifetime.