Halima Cassell

Material: Ceramics | Location: Shropshire
My multi-cultural background is substantially present in my work. I have attempted to combine my Asian roots with an interest in African pattern work and a passion for architectural geometry. I carve out parts of my history, an ‘exorcism of thought forms’, to create something hard and permanent. The works feature dramatic angles and varying facets. My recent work has been influenced by the structures of past and contemporary building styles. I am intrigued by internal spaces and construction.

I use heavily grogged clay which allows me to work on a large scale and use thick surfaces to carve into. I work out the mathematics of the pattern and the surface area of the form, so that they work accurately and harmoniously. The hue of the clay body is crucial because I rarely use glazes, I solely rely on the piece itself to dramatize tones and textures through the effects of light and shade.

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