Helen Chatterton

Material: Textiles | Location: Scotland
I started my business, Perfection of Production in 2004. I make cushions, scarves and smaller items such as lavender bags. Fabrics used include velvet, silk, tweed and cotton lawns.

I did a Classics Degree at Liverpool University and graduated in 1982, followed by a City and Guild Part I & II in Creative Studies. As part of my course I started to experiment with lots of textile media, and in 2007 I started to use Scottish Tweeds in my work.

In May 2012 I launched a new collection called City on Cloth: a digitally printed fabric, featuring old maps, which is then transformed into scarves and smaller items. The inspiration for my work is the use of colour: one of my favourite periods in literature and music is the 1920’s-30’s and some of my colourways reflect period themes.

Everything is made from start to finish by myself and my aim that whoever buys one has a one-off, hand crafted, well made item which will give pleasure for years to come.

Photography by Andy Woods.

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