Jane Charles

Material: Glass | Location: Tyne and Wear
I have been producing a range of glass perfume bottles, paperweights, bowls, vases and sculptural pieces since 1987. I studied a BA (Hons) Multi-Disciplinary Art & Design, specializing in glass, at North Staffordshire Polytechnic, followed by a course on glass techniques and technology.

Following my grounding in the practice, I have always been inspired in particular by the bright colours and forms of sea and nature and find that molten glass mimics these themes well. It’s a thrill to use moving fluid and creating desired shapes. I enjoy the variety and flexibility of the medium and prefer to create different objects in a day rather than mass produce. Each piece is free blown in lead glass and hand finished in the cold shop. They are cut, polished and engraved. Each process adds another texture and dimension to the final piece.

My studio is based in Newcastle upon Tyne.

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