Jean White

Material: Ceramics | Location: Cheshire
I am a designer-maker working in ceramics. My drawings are used to carve and model my images in clay. I create my own plaster moulds and slip cast in either porcelain or parian clay.

My current work highlights the existential threats to British bird life, combining sprigged work with clean contemporary shapes. The visual similarity of fossils to ceramic sprigs helps to inform the work by moulding both convex and concave imagery to echo fossils. This creates a metaphor for the threat to birds’ existence, conveying the presence of the threatened species, but also their potential absence. There is a recognised decline in a number of British bird species and I aim to raise awareness of the conservation status of these birds.

My current collection ‘Future Fossils’ has been awarded the Franz Rising Star Award Top Award. This is an international porcelain prize based in Taiwan for early career ceramicists.

Image: Mark Reeves

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