Jessica Briggs

Material: Jewellery | Location: South Yorkshire
Jessica Briggs’ most recent collection explores forms and patterns found in nature, expressed through her signature techniques and sensibility.

Designs and textures are embossed into silver sheet using a rolling mill. Pieces are shaped and formed before lustrous pure gold foil is fused to the silver surface. A graphite-like finish is given to many items by hand painting an oxide onto selected areas of the design.

Jessica enjoys exploring the abstract and graphic qualities that can be achieved through this methodology, constantly seeking fresh inspiration to interpret across full ranges of wearable and desirable jewellery.

Having honed her metal-working skills for the last 27 years, Jessica still draws hugely from her previous career as a surface print designer and her first degree in Printed and Woven Textile Design. It is her love of both pattern and texture which shines through her work and sets it apart from other contemporary jewellers.

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